Heat – Europe: “Hell is here” – 45 Degrees C in France, Spain and Portugal

Western Europe “boils” by an unprecedented wave of heat. Huge fire in Catalonia. Can not be put under control. Break the high temperature records one after another in France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland!

All international media talk about a heat wave with the thermometer in some countries reaching 45 degrees Celsius, which no one knows when it will fall back. Countries such as France, Spain and Portugal will literally “burn” by the high temperatures, while some record temperatures have already broken in Germany and the Czech Republic.

A Spanish meteorologist referring to the heat wave said:  “Hell is coming.” At the same time, outside the control, the fire occurred on Wednesday in Catalonia, which is plagued by the persistent heat wave along with the rest of Europe, despite the overnight efforts of the fire brigade, according to a local authorities announcement. 
The fire occurred yesterday afternoon near the village of Torre del Espanole and, to this morning, it had seized 40,000 acres of land with olives and vines, according to local Interior Minister Michel Bouch.

“The situation is so difficult that we can not talk about a firearm in a controlled or extinguishing phase, but we are in the phase of expansion,” he explained. 
A force of 350 firefighters and seven air force units are involved in fire-fighting operations characterized as “extreme hazards” and could destroy 200,000 hectares in this fertile area. 
Expansion of the fire is accelerated by the strong winds and high temperatures prevailing in the Evre valley, one of the regions of Spain where the highest temperatures are often recorded.

The fire is likely to have started from a pile of manure on a farm where, due to the high temperature, explosion and sparks have been caused, according to the Interior Minister. 
The local government announced that about thirty people were away from their homes.


What we know so far about the heat wave in Europe:

– The thermometer showed  38.6 degrees Celsius in Cosenza near the German-Polish border,  already crashing the heat for Germany in June, according to the Associated Press.

–  In the Czech Republic  4 meteorological stations showed temperatures of  38.5 degrees, breaking down the heat record there.

– In most of  France,  the thermometer will show at least 35 degrees according to Météo France.

–  Areas in southern France will see mercury climb to 44 degrees Celsius on Friday.

– In  Milan  the thermometer will show 40 degrees.

– In  Berlin , it will show 38 points today.

– In  Spain,  especially in the north, the thermometer will show 41 degrees.

–  35 years in Switzerland  with record temperatures for June according to Météo Suisse.

–  More than 40 degrees the temperature in Portugal , while parts of  Poland  will see mercury climb to 35 to 40 degrees.

Source – newsit.gr

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