Heating oil cheap at present potentially worth buying for next Winter before sales close on 15 May

Consumers are rushing to fill their tanks with heating oil in recent days, taking advantage of the low price set due to the developments with the pandemic of the new corona.

Demand in April and the first days of May, as traders in the industry point out, skyrocketed, giving a few breaths to many gas station owners who have seen the market move sluggishly in recent months. As the president of the Federation of Petrol Dealers of Greece, Michalis Kiousis,  “since the eve of Easter and afterwards, due to the low price, we have very increased orders. Many consumers are stockpiling due to the low price situation. ”

According to Mr. Kiousis, “this is a good time for people to invest in oil. It is in the interest of the consumer. Many who had stopped putting oil for 7-8 years put it back. ”

“Oil demand is at a very cold winter level”
As he points out, there is no measure of comparison of this April with those of previous years. “April has always been a month when few people get oil. This year (until the first days of May) the demand is at the levels of December-January, ie at the levels of a very cold winter “, Mr. Kiousis characteristically notes in iefimerida.gr.

It is noted that in general, the price of oil nationwide in recent days ranges from 0.71 to 0.78 cents per liter, significantly lower than the 1.10 – 1.15 cents per liter (more expensive price) sold by gasoline sellers the Epiphany.

“We don’t know what to do in October”
Finally, in a related question regarding the possibility of a large stockpile of heating oil by consumers, with the result that next winter the demand is limited, Mr. Kiousis points out that “consumers have given a breath of fresh air at this time.” , noting that no one knows what will happen from October.

Finally, it is recalled that the heating oil will be available until May 15, after the government extended its purchase at the request of the Federation of Greek Gas Station Owners.

Source – iefimerida.gr 

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