Heroin traffickers arrested in Killini Port with information from Argostoli police


Patras, 9 February 2020


Heroin traffickers were arrested in the Port of Kyllini

About two kilos of heroin seized by the perpetrators in a car air filter and sugar canisters were seized

Yesterday, police officers in the Drug Prosecution Department of the Patras Security Directorate arrested two male nationals aged 39 and 33 at the Port of Kyllini on charges of drug trafficking.

In particular, police officers from the Drug Prosecution Division of the Patras Security Directorate, evaluating information in cooperation with the Argostoli Security Department, identified the perpetrators in a car and a search that involved them, found and seized three packages containing 1. the value of which is estimated at (EUR 30,000).

Police found the drugs inside the car’s air filter as well as in sugar containers where the perpetrators had been carefully concealed.

The detainees will be taken to the Prosecutor of Primary Amaliada, while the car was seized as a means of transporting drugs.

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