High demand for travel to Greece from the main markets


Demand for travel from major tourist attractions in Greece is much stronger than other polls have shown so far, according to a survey by Mindhaus, which shows that two out of three potential travelers are ready to go on holiday this year. Although most people identify the discovery and availability of a vaccine as a key to the freedom of travel, they say they want to go on holiday more than ever.

In a sample of 2,750 respondents in some of the most important markets of Greek tourism, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy, their behaviors and intentions regarding international leisure trips and in percentage were investigated. 37.9% of respondents said they were willing to travel again once travel restrictions were lifted and would be constantly informed of their health status while planning their trip. An additional 28.1% said they would plan a leisure trip that they have been dreaming of all this time by lifting travel restrictions.

Although all those surveyed identified the vaccine as the first factor in starting international travel, more than 66% of respondents said they considered equally clear health protocols during travel (11.8% of responses). , the destinations that effectively managed the COVID-19 crisis (11.7% of the responses), as well as the COVID-19 detection test before the flight.

This group also considers safety, relaxation, carefreeness and fun to be more important this year than last year’s holiday, even at affordable costs. In addition, they value more than last year the sense of discovery (France) and adventure (USA) for their next international trip. According to the survey, for the same group of travelers, France (55%), Great Britain (55%) and Germany (62%) are more ready to start international travel, as the corresponding percentages of respondents said that they intend to to travel abroad by 2020.

Mindhaus, a tourism marketing strategy company and a member of V + O Greece, in collaboration with Pollfish, DIY research platform, acquired information and insights through primary, quantitative research on travel trends as they are affected and shaped by COVID-19.

The survey was conducted on 13 and 14 May 2020 and was aimed at people over the age of 18 who had planned at least one leisure trip abroad for 2020.

source – kathimerini.gr

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