High on the EU agenda tourism to tackle shocks by Brexit, at the initiative of Greece

Initiatives to timely deal at European level with Brexit’s turmoil in tourism, runs the Greek Ministry of Tourism, as highlighted in a statement. In particular, Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura, on her initiative, in direct and continuous cooperation with the Foreign Ministry and personally with the Permanent Representative of Greece in the EU, Ambassador Andreas Papastavrou, ensured that the tourism in the European Union’s agenda shocks due to Brexit.
Greece, as stressed, has claimed and succeeded in establishing a committee for the technical information of Member States on tourism, in the form of a seminar, in the context of the support of emergency planning measures in the event of an emergency withdrawal from the United Kingdom, which does not was included in the initial planning of the European Union. There were systematic contacts between the Tourism Minister and the Association of British Travel Agents ABTA as well as the travel groups (TUI, ThomasCook and others) that handled a significant share of tourists to our country from the UK market for the required moves and the next steps to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted flow of tourism from the United Kingdom to our country.

According to the ministry’s announcement, this is a great success for Greek tourism, so the Minister during her visit to Brussels on the Salon des Vacances International Tourism Fair met with Permanent Representative of Greece to the EU, Ambassador Andreas Papastavrou, thanked him and congratulated him on this success.
The issues that Greece will be asked to include in the seminar are aviation connectivity, passenger rights (flight delays / cancellations), visas, entry / exit checks at the EU’s external borders, permits licenses (driving, pet passports), roaming charges, health care issues, goods checks, information campaigns, cruise companies, e-commerce and data transfer, cross-border services, etc. 

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