High probability of new snow and strong storms next weekend across most of Greece


From 21/01/2020 Friday evening hours morning Saturday very well organized systems will enter the Greek space.

With the current data it seems that it will be a bad weather with two phases.

First phase of rain and intense storms in the western parts of Greece on all Ionian islands. Epirus with many dense snowfalls which during Saturday will walk towards Western Macedonia, Thessaloniki Western Main Greece and Northern Peloponnese.

This seems to be the first phase of bad weather where from Saturday evening hours and Sunday mornings we will move into the second phase of bad weather which will have dense snowfall across all the northern Aegean islands in the whole of Evia to accept enough intense snowfalls all Attica, Mainland Greece the entire Peloponnese.

Great Caution The appraisal at this given moment is at 77% and has not yet locked, clearly this is a large percentage and everything shows that there is a large possibility of it happening.

Stay connected to our team for all the developments in the next few days it is of great interest Tuesday and Wednesday will lock our forecast for the upcoming bad weather.


Source – MeteoGreek

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