Holding an Online Training Day for teachers on the topic: “Introduction to the Geopark of Kefalonia and Ithaca”.

As part of the environmental information and awareness program for students and teachers implemented by the Ainos National Park Management Agency and the Kefalonia-Ithaca Geopark, an informative day of presentation of the Agency’s environmental programs was held on Saturday, January 15, 2022 . and Secondary Education of Kefallinia & Ithaca.

The meeting was entitled: ” Introduction to the Geopark of Kefalonia and Ithaca” , while teachers had the opportunity to learn about the great geological, cultural, ecological and intangible value of the Geopark of Kefalonia Ithaca, a candidate Geopark for inclusion in the UNESCO March 2022.

The presentations to the Professors concerned issues of environmental education and development actions of the Geopark and the Management Body and the role it plays in the protection of the biodiversity of the protected areas of Kefalonia-Ithaca and in the management of the candidate UNESCO Geoparkon. Also, actions were presented concerning a) the educational value of biodiversity and the cleaning and protection of geotopes of the Geopark of Kefalonia-Ithaca by the Head of Environmental Education of the Agency Mr. Panagiotis Minetos, b) conservation of the geological heritage of the Geopods , by the Geologist of the Management Body Mr.A hug for the Kefalonian Olive “by the Head of NCSR. Kefalonia and Ithaca Mr. Magoula. During the presentations, the teachers watched rich photographic material from the actions of the Management Body in the protected areas of Kefalonia-Ithaca. The meeting ended with a discussion between teachers and the staff of the Agency, regarding the promotion and promotion of the Kefalonia-Ithaca Geopark and the implementation of educational activities in the framework of the implementation of the protocols against the COVID-19 pandemic in schools.

We thank the Heads of the Directorates of Secondary and Primary Education of Kefallinia, the Head of the NCSR. Kefalonia and Ithaca and the Heads of School Activities and all the teachers who honored with their presence and contributed to the successful organization of the day.

Similar actions, aimed at informing and educating students and acquainting them with the biodiversity of Protected Areas, with geotopes, geoparkes of the Geopark, with the Dark Sky Park and the recording of centuries-old olive trees, are planned in schools. Ithaca with the cooperation of Teachers until the end of the school year and the next school period.

Yours sincerely

The Chairman of the Board of

Ainos National Park Management Body

Dr. George Drakatos

Director of Research

National Observatory of Athens

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