Holy Spirit: What applies to those who work


On Monday, June 17th, the day of the Holy Spirit falls this year. The Public is set as an official holiday, while private businesses and stores will function normally.

Employees in the private sector, in accordance with the provisions of the law and with the exception of the exceptions provided, will normally come to their jobs, entitled to their wages.

Employees who do not go to work unduly, are not entitled to this day’s wage, which will be deducted from their earnings.

In the event that wages do not work, they are not entitled to a wage, since the payment of wages in non-exempt holidays is not stipulated by law.

Paid wage earners who will not work will receive their salary without a surcharge, while they are entitled to an extra 1/25 of their salary.

An increase of 75% is due only to the cases where there is a relevant condition for payment to a TUE. or DA, hence determines this day as a compulsory holiday.

A term related to this holiday has been set in the CWC and DD concerning:

(a) Tobacco manufacturers,

(b) Clinical and medical laboratories,

(c) nautical agencies,

(d) oil and gas companies,

e) in Newspapers,

f) the Quarries of Stone and Soil,

(g) radio and television stations,

(h) engineering firms (only for Designer and Operator Machinery Specialists

(i) electrotechnicians

j) in secondary schools and foreign language schools,

(k) photocopiers,

(l) cargoes,

(m) printing houses

(n) booksellers,

(o) to the door keepers,

(p) to foremen – designers etc.


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