Hot until Thursday up to 42 Celsius then just warm!

Up to 42 degrees will reach mercury / Source: METEO.GR

A new wave of heat , which will “bring” mercury up to 42 degrees Celsius and peak on Wednesday, is expected to hit the country, according to the National Observatory of Athens.

According to the of the National Observatory of Athens, the “heat” flavor will start to be felt today, Monday , as the temperatures will reach 39 degrees in the continents, while in the areas of Sterea and mainly of Thessaly they will overcome 40 degrees.

The National Meteorological Service (EMY), for its part, estimates that temperatures will reach places in Thessaly, eastern Sterea and eastern Peloponnese at 41 degrees Celsius.

According to the NMS, the heat wave will continue on Tuesday as the temperature stays high and reaches the central and southern continental regions at 40 to 41 degrees Celsius.

Note that for tomorrow, Tuesday, clouds are expected with local rains on the central and northern continents, as well as sporadic storms on the northeast.

As the weather reports, the heat wave will be maintained until next Wednesday, a day when a significant drop in temperature is expected in northern Greece.

The National Observatory of Athens notes that “due to the expected high temperatures, the necessary precautions must be observed”.

The most important of the precautions against the heat wave are illustrated in the following graph:

It’s in Greek but straightforward


  • Drink lots of water
  • Use air conditioning or fan if possible
  • Cool showers or baths


  • Drink alcohol
  • Eat heavy meals
  • Exercise unduly

and keep any eye on the weather forecasts

Source: METEO.GR
According to, on Wednesday, local heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected, in the hot hours of the day, in the central and mainly in northern Greece. From Thursday, July 11, there is a significant drop in temperatures across the country.

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