Hoteliers: We are in quicksand – With 7% -10% fullness we cannot operate

Continuous cancellations, fictitious bookings on systems, increased operating costs and absolute uncertainty prevail in the hotel industry

With fees of 7% – 10% for the month of July, the hotels cannot operate, the hoteliers stress at . “To open a hotel depends 80% on its fullness, and 20% on boosting the economy – national and local – patriotism, etc.” says features in ethnos. gr the president of the Rethymnon Hoteliers Association Manolis Tsakalakis .   

After opening the two largest airports in the country , at 15/6, comes the turn of regional airports 1 to July.

The tourist world of Crete has been informed that on 1st  July will land only at the airport of Heraklion “N. Kazantzakis ”60 planes , coming from Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, etc.

“There are 60 slots (s.s. time slots), but they are not confirmed, how many will eventually come, with how many passengers,” Nikos Chalkiadakis , president of the Heraklion Hoteliers Association, told .  

There have been many cancellations on the island in the last three days, people are afraid to travel, and prefer the voucher solution for 2021, according to industry sources.

Large tour operators, such as TUI, but also French, demand lower prices from hoteliers, which range between 20% – 40%, but without providing them with a specific number of customers. “They ask us if we will be operating, we ask them about the number of tourists they will bring us, and they don’t know how to give us a clear answer,” they told ethnos. gr .

Let’s say that a French tour operator, 90% or more, received a negative response from its customers, who had reservations for the first ten days of July, asking for a voucher for 2021.

In addition, in a recent survey conducted in Germany, 40% said they would not be on holiday this year and 41% said they would stay in the country. In addition, flights from Scandinavia will begin in late August. It should be noted that TUI on the island of Crete manages 20 hotels while cooperating with at least 500.

Lost year

The picture is bleak in Corfu as well , where 40% of the tourist market is absorbed by Great Britain, which last year recorded 500,000 arrivals of British tourists.

“July is moving at a full 10% -20%, but something that changes every day,” Babis Voulgaris , president of the Corfu Hoteliers Association, told , stressing that “everything is up in the air, everything will be at the last minute” seeing the year lost in tourism.

So far there is no clear picture of how many hotels will open, many of which work exclusively with the British market. Other markets with which the island works are Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Belgium, Russia.

However, there is no clear picture of how many planes will land at the airport “I. Kapodistrias “, on the first day of the opening of the regional airports (July 1), and of course the tourist world of the island, does not even know how many tourists will come. According to information, flights coming from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium will land.

“We are all confused, and we and the tour operators,” Dimitris Diavatis, a travel agent and hotelier on the island, told . Reservations are fictitious because they have been around for the past few months, but no one knows how they will develop, and as long as there are no fees, few hoteliers will dare to open their businesses this year.

Note that the accommodation capacity in Corfu is 90,000 beds (45,000 hotel beds and 45,000 in rooms to let).

All fluid

“It’s all very fluid, it’s all random,” he told ethnos. gr the president of the Hotel Owners Association of Paros Mania Ambatzi, pointing out that there are many deterrents regarding the operation or not of hotels on the island.

So far, about 20% of the hotels have been opened on the Cycladic island , at the beginning of July the percentage will rise to 70% while in mid-July “80% will be operational, however, every day entrepreneurs change their minds” informs Ambatzi.

Factors such as the delay in funding for the reopening of hotels , the cases, the quarantine hotels and the increased operating costs are deterrent to the sustainable operation of the hotel units.  

In addition, any reservations are “in the air”, “due to the very flexible cancellation policies, which does not help in liquidity”, says the president of Paros hoteliers.

Satisfaction with 30% fullness

The businessmen of tourism in Thassos work mainly with Balkans but also Czechs, Austrians, Germans, Poles, and as he says in ethnos. gr the president of the hoteliers of the island Paris Paraschoudis “let’s close the season with 30%, we will be happy”.

He points out that there may be bookings in hotel systems, however, “without advance payments, no booking is 100% confirmed,” he explains.

Most hotels on the island will open this year (a total of 200 units, 90% of which will be operational), awaiting tourists from the first fortnight of July onwards. From the Balkans, bookings on the island, so far, are at good levels.

Few expectations for this year

The tourist business world in Pieria is also concerned, with the largest percentage of tourist traffic coming from road tourism.

“Any hope our grown strongly for road tourism, but also for the interior,” says the the president of hoteliers Pieria Evangelia Xyptera putting on the table the immediate restoration of frontier posts of Greece to Balkan markets. “Right now we are moving sand,” she said. Awake while in terms of bookings for this year, “until the end of June, beginning of July, we are at 15%, from July 15 onwards at 25%”, when the corresponding period last year was at 75% – 80%.

Waiting and stagnation

For their part, the businessmen of Parga in Epirus are on standby and waiting for the charters to start from abroad to the airport in Aktio, flights which will start from July 15 onwards.

“Everything will depend on flights from abroad, if they take place normally,” he told ethnos. gr the president of the Union of Hoteliers Parga Efthymios Pappas adding that flights will start from July 15, starting with the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France and the first flight from Norway and Sweden will start from 25 August. However, everything is fluid, as he explains, and the above data may change.

As for the Greek market, “we have many phone calls, for information from the Greeks about August” informs the president of the hoteliers of Parga.

Hotels are not, nor will they be, hospitals

Regarding the implementation of the health protocols of tourist accommodation, POX sent a letter to the Minister of Tourism Haris Theocharis, asking a number of questions, such as:

  • Collaboration with a doctor “ We are constantly receiving annoyances from our members that either they cannot find a doctor available or this service has a high cost. Our members have the activity of providing their customers with accommodation, catering, etc. It is another matter, due to a joke, for our members to observe certain specific precautionary measures, as is the case for other businesses, and another to impose burdens on them. they don’t belong to them “
  • Conference events “ It should be clearly stated that it is permissible to hold regular events within hotel rooms. We cannot understand how it is possible to allow weddings and other events to take place, the entertainment centers to operate and not to explicitly state that the conference events that are clearly more “controlled” due to object, form and customers are allowed. “
  • Operation of indoor swimming pools “ It makes no sense to ban the operation of indoor swimming pools of hotels, when the corresponding indoor swimming pools of other companies can operate normally, when the spa baths also start operating.”

“Hotels are not, nor will they be, hospitals,” the letter sent by POX to Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis and Deputy Tourism Minister Manos Konsolas said, among other things.

Providing discount to Serbs

The Association of Hotels of Thessaloniki , to its customers with a Serbian passport, decided to recommend the provision of an additional 10% discount on the lowest possible price in all its member accommodations .

Specifically, the discount applies until the 31 as July 2020 , under the sole condition that reservation be made directly with the property. It should be noted that in 2019, 50,573 nights of Serbian tourists were recorded in hotels in Thessaloniki.

As far as the operation of the 12-month hotels is concerned, half of them are currently operating. “Of the 86, 43 are operating, and those with minimal bookings,” he told ethnos. gr the president of EXTH Andreas Mandrinos , adding that for the first 10 days of June, all the hotels in Thessaloniki that dared to open, scored 12% of the city’s fullness .

Rental of accommodation by the Ministry of Tourism

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Tourism has posted a call for expressions of interest on the internet (Clarity: ΑΔΑ 6ΚΔΚ465ΧΘΟ-ΖΔΕ), for main or auxiliary tourist accommodation to meet the urgent public health needs of the 19-year-olds associated with coping during the current tourist season, which is going to be rented.

The cost of compensation for rental accommodation is estimated at 30 euros per room per day when rooms are used , including the cost of food, and 10 euros per day when rooms are vacant .

The deadline for submitting an application for interest in renting tourist accommodation to deal with possible coronary heart disease is until tomorrow. June 18 .

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