Hotels: Unfair practices from major booking platforms


Large hotel booking platforms continue to interfere with search results using tactical pressure and false discounts, despite a reduction in these incidents after British competition authorities intervene, according to a new survey by Which ?.

In February, the United Kingdom’s Competition and Purchasing Authority named large platforms (Expedia,, Trivago,, Agoda) for unfair competition and forced to stop their misleading policies – such as not showing full cost , the wrong impression of the demand for a room and the false application of discounts. 

They were given a deadline for compliance by September.

However the research of Which? shows that websites are still using misleading tactics to force consumers to make a reservation during the summer season. 

On the Trivago page, an offer with Expedia for accommodation at the Millesime Hotel in Paris cost 244 pounds in February, and it was advertised that it had a discount of 63%, but this discount was compared to the most expensive price on another website (675 pounds) not on average.

Indeed, the survey found that the same room was offered for £ 240, £ 4 cheaper compared to Expedia.

Therefore, the price of Trivago was not just inaccurate but also higher.

Since September all prices have to be accurate, so such an incident can lead the platform to the courts.

Also, pressure tactics such as last room entry and reservation for the same room over the last 24 hours may cause consumers to quickly make a reservation because they feel that there is no time for that.

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