How air travel will be before the vaccine is available: Emirates gives a first taste [images]

Emirates will implement new measures for passenger and staff safety , including gaps between individual passengers or families, and will not allow cabin luggage on flights, as the airline tries to limit the spread of the corona.

“Emirates is taking precautionary measures with vacancies between individual passengers or family groups to comply with physical distance protocols,” the Dubai-based airline said in a statement.

Passenger safety distance at check-in

Other measures include:

  • The entire crew of the aircraft, the departure workers and the ground personnel who are in direct contact with the passengers will now be wearing personal protective equipment.
  • This includes disposable protective suits over their suits and a protective cover, in addition to masks and gloves.
  • Magazines and other printed material will not be temporarily available
  • Casesthat are allowed in the cabin are limited to a laptop, bag, briefcase or children’s items.
  • All items should be checked
  • Passengers must wear masks and gloves throughout their journey from check-in to disembarkation.
  • Passengers must wear masks from check-in to disembarkation

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