How alarming is the “Athenian” coronavirus mutation?  what applies to vaccines

Concern has prevailed in recent days about whether the vaccines we already have are effective against the coronavirus mutation found in the center of Athens. George Panagiotakopoulos, Athena Linou and Matina Pagoni gave answers about the “Athenian” mutation and the effectiveness of the preparations. 

Speaking to MEGA on Tuesday morning (18/5), the vice president of EODY explained that the so-called “Athenian mutation”, which is essentially a coronavirus mutation from Nigeria and is located in the center of the capital. “Starting from the center, it is rapidly moving to the other regions and all this with the simultaneous presence of the British mutation”, noted George Panagiotakopoulos. 

As mentioned, it is not yet known how resistant it is to the immune response to vaccines. “It is difficult for only one variant to cancel a vaccine”, underlined the vice-president of EODY.

The professor of epidemiology of EKPA, Athena Linou, noted that there is no study that shows that this mutation is covered by vaccines. “There is this ‘Athenian’ mutation according to the data we have. But we do not know if there is a study that shows that it is covered by vaccines. However, from what it seems, the pieces of the mutation that constitute this strain are being treated “, he said characteristically, speaking to ANT1 on Tuesday morning (18/5). 

“The Athenian mutation is like all. When it first comes out, you are worried “said the president of EINAP, Matina Pagoni. Speaking to OPEN on Tuesday morning (18/5), he explained that “it is a mixture of African and Brazilian mutation. We will have the data in a few days. The symptoms are exactly the same. “What we need to see is contagion.” 

“The scientific community deals with mutation in the laboratory. The mutations so far are covered by vaccines. It is the same or a little more contagious “, added Ms. Pagoni. 


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