How can UK national beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement renew their Greek biometric residence permits?

This information sheet has been prepared to ensure UK nationals in Greece are aware of:
1. How they can renew their biometric residence permits;
2. How they can maintain their rights under the Withdrawal Agreement.
Any UK nationals who need assistance in relation to the matters discussed here should contact us at
UK nationals and their family members who moved to Greece by 31 December 2020 and reside legally in Greece will retain their right to reside in Greece in the future provided they continue to fulfil the conditions of
long-term and/or permanent residence. See below for what legal residence means.
UK nationals have the right to obtain a biometric residence permit in accordance with the Withdrawal Agreement as proof of their right to reside in Greece. Biometric residence permits under the Withdrawal Agreement
Page 2 of 7 will be valid for either 5 or 10 years. UK national holders of biometric residence permits should renew them when the latter expire. Holding a valid biometric residence permit will facilitate your daily life and your
interaction with Greek public authorities


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