How “Kallisto” was cut in two: Investigations into the causes of the accident – The captain of the merchant ship was arrested

Investigations are underway into the causes that led to the unprecedented accident that occurred this morning between a Navy ship and a merchant ship, as a result of which the minesweeper “Kallisto” was cut in two .

The captain of the Maersk Launceston has been arrested, while two crew members of the warship who were injured in the collision were taken to the Athens Naval Hospital and their lives are not in danger. Investigations are now underway to determine the causes of the incredible accident that marginally did not lead to the sinking of the warship.

The fierce clash with the boatMaersk Launceston
The incident of the collision occurred at 7:30 in the morning. At that time the minesweeper “Kallisto” was sailing from the port of Salamis, while Maersk Launceston, according to, had left Piraeus at 7:11 for the port of Canakkale in Turkey.

When the two ships crossed, the result was that the brutal Maersk container ship literally passed over the “Kallisto” , at the stern of the warship, and cut it in two!

The collision of the two ships injured two members of the crew of the warship who were taken to the Naval Hospital of Athens, while the ship had suffered great damage and water was entering. The “Kallisto”, cut in two, had taken a dangerous slope and initially there was an estimate that it would sink, however the immediate intervention of the Coast Guard, ships and ships of the Navy, as well as tugs, was decisive. So the ship was towed to the port of Salamis in order to inspect the damage suffered and to give answers to the causes of the accident.

The role of the navigator from Maersk Launceston
Among the things that the Authorities are looking for in order to reach the conclusion about the causes of the maritime accident is the role of the navigator that is foreseen to be on the ships when they depart from the port of Piraeus. However, according to information, the navigator had disembarked from Maersk Launceston two nautical miles before the point of impact. The navigator usually gets on board as the captain’s advisor, because he knows the local peculiarities, the sinkholes, the piers and the winds in each port. In this case, he had disembarked from the ship 2 miles before it entered the traffic zone of the ships when they arrive and depart from the port of Piraeus.

For the time being it remains unclear which of the two ships had priority and which was the one that entered the path of the other.

The announcement of the Ministry of Shipping about the collision of the two ships
The Joint Search and Rescue Coordination Center of the Hellenic Coast Guard Headquarters was informed , at 07:40 today, about a collision between a ship PN N / TH “KALLISTO”, which was carrying twenty-seven (27) crew members, and the transport ship container (container) “MAERSK LAUNCESTON” flag of Portugal, southeast of the berth of Piraeus.

The incident caused water to enter the N / TH ship, while a rescue operation of the N / TH crew members was immediately organized by three (03) LS-EL.AKT patrol boats, two (02) L anti-pollution boats. S.-EL.AKT., MYA group LS-EL.AKT., PN ship, PN helicopter and four R / K. The crew members were collected by a patrol boat LS-ELAKT and a PN ship, while two (02) injured members of the N / TH crew were transported to the port of Piraeus by a PN boat, where they were picked up by a PN ambulance and transported to the Athens Naval Hospital. .

The Central Port Authority of Piraeus, which is conducting the preliminary investigation, banned the departure of the commercial container transport vessel, while the towing process of the N / TH ship at the Salamina Naval Station is in progress.

The incredible images from the cut in two minesweeper “Kallisto”
The images that came to light a few minutes after the collision of the minesweeper “Kallisto” with Maersk Launceston are indicative of the horrific collision. The Navy ship is cut in two.


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