How much electricy (power) the air conditioning set to “hot” uses

The bad weather Elpida is now very close and some people are already choosing whether to open the air condition or the radiators. How much the air condition burns in the heat depends on specific factors.

Therefore, if you follow our tips you will be able to achieve the maximum possible consumption for heating at the lowest possible cost. Then you will find everything you need to know about the right choice of air conditioner, how much the air condition burns in the hot and how to further reduce your heating costs.

What you need to know about home air conditioning? How to choose the right air condition?

Choosing the right air conditioner for your space should take into account the provision of economical heating. For maximum economy in air condition heating, we recommend that you choose and install an inverter air conditioner of maximum energy class. The energy class indicates how energy-intensive the device is and consequently how much power it will consume. For example, energy class A air conditioners burn less than energy class D air conditioners.

To ensure the maximum possible economy with air condition, we suggest you choose an inverter air conditioner that has energy class A +. This type of air conditioner can offer great savings. The thermal energy it produces is 3 and 4 times more than a common fan heater with the same power consumption.

How much does the air condition burn in the hot?

Consumption for air conditioning, as for any electrical appliance varies depending on its characteristics. To know how much the air condition burns in the hot, you should carefully read the label of Energy Signaling of Electrical Appliances. Information on how much each device burns must be in each package by law, in a conspicuous place. Before buying an air conditioner, you should compare the power consumption. Differences between devices are often identified, always depending on the manufacturer.
However, before you buy a device, you can calculate approximately how much the air condition burns in the hot in your case. According to the Public Electricity Company (PPC), the consumption for a 9,000 btu air conditioner with a power of 1000W, is 0.14 euros per hour. Of course, the price also depends on other factors, such as how well insulated the house is and the size of the space to be heated.

How to reduce air condition consumption?

1. Select the correct temperature

How much the air condition burns in the hot depends directly on the temperature that has been set. To reduce the consumption of air condition you need to properly adjust the temperature of the air conditioner. In winter, for economical consumption the appropriate temperature is +10 degrees from the outside temperature. In case you choose even higher temperature, the air conditioner will burn at maximum efficiency, increasing the power consumption.

2. Use a ceiling fan

Strange as it may seem to you, it seems that the use of a ceiling fan helps in the economical consumption of the air conditioner. The ceiling fan is able to reduce the unnecessary use of your air conditioner and ensure that you will warm up economically. Most ceiling fans have an upward direction, which is the reverse function of summer. As heat tends to accumulate in the upper levels of the room and cold air downwards. The fan can ensure the movement of hot air throughout the space, heating the atmosphere more efficiently. This way, you can achieve savings of up to 10% more, if you adjust the air conditioning temperature correctly.

3. Air condition maintenance

In order to have a functional and effective air condition, you will have to carry out its maintenance often. Maintaining an air conditioner by a professional refrigerant can offer many benefits to its consumption. The efficiency of the air conditioner can reach the maximum levels, saving money and energy. In addition, it offers great durability over time and reduction of operating noise.

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