How to access ENFIA bills via the new site

The cost of ENFIA are now in the digital “boxes” of millions of citizens .

The “love letter!” of ENFIA began arriving yesterday, shortly after 19:30, and the vast majority of homeowners found that the tax is the same as last year -as calculated based on the “old” objective values.

It is reminded, however, that there are cases for which significant discounts apply and even exemption from the payment of ENFIA.

ENFIA 2021: How will you see the debt ID
Taxpayers who want to see the amount they owe for ENFIA should log in to the new myAADE platform (at this link ) and follow these steps:

  1. Select the “Applications” [ Εφαρμογές] tab (located in the middle of the bottom row)
  2. Select “Citizens” [Πολίτες] tab
  3. On the next page find the letter “D” [Δ] and select “Declaration E9 / ENFIA”
  4. “Click” on “Login to the Application” [ Είσοδος στην Εφαρμογή] and use Taxis codes
  5. The page “Integrated Information System of the Journal” opens then
  6. From the top left (below the username) we select tax year 2021
  7. Then the ENFIA statement will appear under the Prints

The second “road” for the liquidation of ENFIA
There is, however, a simpler way to see the ENFIA statement:

  1. From the myAADE home page we select “Debts, Payments and Returns” [Οφειλές, Πληρωμές και Επιστροφές]
  2. Select the “Debts outside Settlement” [Οφειλές εκτός Ρύθμισης] tab
  3. And then we go to the page with the Debt ID for ENFIA

It is reminded that the payment of ENFIA can be made through the system of AADE, using a bank card. The instalments for ENFIA are 6. The first one must be paid by September 30 or, together with the October instalment, by October 29. The last instalment is paid by February 28, 2022.

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