How to make an online appointment to visit ΚΕΠ (visits are with appointment only!)

Make an appointment with the KEP of the municipality of Argostoli

The KEP physical appointment platform is in pilot operation by the Ministry of Digital Government and is available only in selected stores, including the KEP of the Municipality of Argostoli. The Municipalities that initially participate are in total six (06).

Citizens have the opportunity by typing , through the website of the Municipality of Argostoli , to make an appointment either by physical visit to the KEP, or by video conference via of mykeplive. Teleconferencing service through mykeplive is possible only at the central KEP in Argostoli.

The schedule of the public in the KEP of the country has been set by the Ministry of Digital Government, due to the pandemic from 23/11/2020, exclusively by appointment, as follows:

Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 15:00.

The arrival of the citizens to KEP is done strictly by telephone pre-arrangement (appointment) in order to avoid unnecessary movements and overcrowding, and to process without delays and waiting the necessary requests of the citizens.

KEP Phones of the Municipality of Argostoli:

KEP 0428 Argostoli: 26713 – 61000, email:

KEP 0429 Livathos: 26713 – 61800, email:

ΚΕΠ 0550 Ελειού – Πρόννων: 26713 – 61630, email:

KEP 0935 Omalon: 26710 – 86078, email:



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