How to send an SMS to 112 via in case of an emergency

Through the application you can send SMS with your exact location based on the GPS receiver of your mobile phone, so the help you need can arrive faster. 

Through the application you can send to 112 a text message (SMS) that contains your exact location based on the GPS receiver of your mobile phone. By knowing your exact location when you are in danger or in need of help, emergency services can reach you faster.

Step 1: On the application home screen, tap “Emergency 112”

You do not need to log in to the application to use the messaging function on 112. That is, you can send a message to 112 through the application without identifying with Taxisnet or web banking codes.

Step 2: Enable location usage from the application

The first time you open the application, you will be asked to allow the use of your mobile site. Follow the instructions on your screen.

In order for the message you send to 112 to include your exact location, location and GPS services must be enabled and the application can use your mobile location. If you have disabled location and GPS services, the application will display a message with instructions each time you press “Emergency 112”. Follow the instructions on your screen.

Step 3: Send a message to 112

The application opens the SMS environment of your mobile. 112 has already been selected as the recipient of the message, and your message coordinates are displayed in the text of the message, as received by the location and GPS services of your device.

If you have not enabled location and GPS services on your mobile or if you have not allowed the application to use your mobile location, the coordinates will not be included.

DO NOT DELETE AND DO NOT CHANGE THE COORDINATES IN THE MESSAGE. Write the following before or after the coordinates:

– What has happened; What is an emergency?

– Where has it happened? What is the location of the incident?

– Are there any injured?

Click “Send” to send your message. You will receive an automatic reply message immediately, in Greek and English. The 112 call center may contact you by SMS or voice call to request additional information.

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