How to spend this Christmas – Recommendation for tests before meetings at home

Christmas safely

This is the message that both the experts are trying to convey with their positions in the last days as well as the government with the decisions it takes with the last one being the mandatory vaccination for 60+.

The possibility of a generalized lockdown on holidays like last year has long been ruled out of the table as repeatedly emphasized by government officials this year there is the vaccine which is provided free of charge to all citizens over 18 years.

Therefore, any measures taken concern only unvaccinated citizens, in order for the Health System to withstand.

The above unfolds in the shadow of the new “O” variant, for which the global scientific community is running at a frantic pace in order to form a complete picture of its transmissibility, but also whether the existing vaccines are effective.

Earlier today the first case of this mutation was confirmed in Greece and concerns a Greek who traveled from South Africa.

How will this year’s Christmas holidays be?
This year’s holidays as mentioned above will not be reminiscent of last year but this does not mean that Christmas will not be celebrated safely. Already the measures have become stricter for unvaccinated because the entrance to hairdressers, retail, catering and entertainment is permitted only in vaccinated recently groups

At the same time, there will be a “blockade” for the unvaccinated at the Christmas theme parks that will open these days. As announced by the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris, only vaccinated or sick people will have access to them. Minors will take a self-test.

Free self test for all holidays – Recommendation for testing at home gatherings
One of the measures that the Minister of Health specialized a little earlier concerns the free self tests that will be given to all citizens, vaccinated and not. So the Christmas holidays will be accompanied by a free self test in order to identify possible asymptomatic carriers. That is why the tests, as announced, will be given from 6 to 12 December . The exact same thing will happen from the 3rd to the 7th of January .

In addition, there is a strong recommendation of experts to perform self-diagnostic tests for the coronavirus before gatherings in homes, where a large number of people gather during the holidays.

“Together we should make an effort to reduce the epidemiological curve, to celebrate,” underlined the president of EODY, Theoklis Zaoutis, in today’s briefing on the new measures, calling for increased testing before gatherings during the holiday season.

Only with PCR the disease certificate
At the same time, the conditions for obtaining a disease certificate for the unvaccinated are becoming stricter , after the dozens of complaints that have recently come to light about “monkey” certificates.

Thus, following a relevant recommendation of the Committee of Experts, the disease certificates from today will be issued only after a positive molecular test (PCR) . In fact, according to information from, the issuance of disease certificates may be “cut” technically during the day after the rapid test, which is valid today.

At the same time, experts leave open the possibility of limiting in the near future the duration of the disease certificate, which is currently valid for six months. It is noted that the PCR test is more expensive but also more expensive (60 euros in private laboratories) of Rapid.

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