Huge devastation by fire in Evia – At least 25,000 acres of burnt area (video)

Firefighters look at disaster caused by fire in Evia / Photo: EUROKINISSI / SOTIRIS DIMITROPOULOS
In a disastrous ecological disaster the fire in Euboea , which is raging for a second 24 hours, develops .

Although the winds appear to be waning in the last hour, the fire forces remain on alert due to constant fires on various fronts of the fire in Euboea.

In addition to firefighters, volunteers and local government employees, staff at the Euboean Forestry Department are trying to weigh down the loss of forest wealth.

Fire in Evia: Tens of thousands of acres burned
Speaking to iefimerida, Mr. Athanasios Xirogiannis , Director of Evia Forests, described the fire in Evia as a very difficult event. “We’re all out yesterday. The authorities are making great efforts to restrict the fronts, “he initially said.

Concerning the forest – mainly pine forest – converted to ash during the great fire in Euboea, the Euboean Forest Director states that “From the first estimates approximately 25,000 to 28,000 acres of forest have been incinerated to date. p: 11:00). We cannot be absolutely sure. We will have a full picture after dealing with the phenomenon, “Mr. Xirogiannis said.

Positive messages from front to Istiea
The Evia Forest Director, however, explains that “the area burned is not a Natura area. The Natura forest is in the Strait and is a long way from the fire fronts. ” Mr Xirogiannis notes that in recent years Evia has been hit hard by fires.

The Natura Maps for Euboea / Source:
“We also had a fire last year at Kontodpot, where we are at this time. Outside Aliveri there was also a great fire. The good thing about the existing fronts is that the fire in Istiaia is going better, ”Evia Forest Director Athanasios Xirogiannis concludes.

It is recalled that earlier photos of the burned areas revealing a real disaster landscape were published earlier .

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Video of burnt land in Evia:


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