Huge ecological fire devastation in Evia – Shocking images

Big Eco-fire in Euboea by fire (EUROKINISSI / SOTIRIS DIMITROPOULOS)

The fire in Evia, according to the fire department, is without an active front, but remains dangerous. The ecological disaster that has occurred in the Dirfyos-Messapion area is huge.

Shortly before the sun went down, the 7 aircraft operating at the site made another preventive throw. Hiking sections of EMAK are currently operating inside the gorge. Fire officials say it will take days until the fire is fully extinguished.

Big Eco-fire in Euboea by fire (EUROKINISSI / SOTIRIS DIMITROPOULOS)

From the morning until sunset , the airways , as well as the two Italians and one Spanish, were arriving in our country following our request for assistance to the European Civil Protection Mechanism (rescEU).

Thousands of acres of forest left behind by the great fire (Eurokinissi / SOTIRIS DIMITROPOULOS)

Another coordinating aircraft was also involved as well as the Olympus Mobile Operating Center, assisting 8 groups of hikers and 4 Army machinery, 10 aquifers and 8 Regional and OTA project machinery, the Forest Service, EKAB and 38 volunteers with 6 voluntary vehicles.

According to the Fire Department, the situation today was clearly better than the previous two days , and it is helped by the fact that the winds have fallen, but they estimate that it will take days to extinguish the devastating fire that has ravaged thousands of acres of virgin forest.

Clear evidence of arson in Evia – Three suspects examined
At the same time, there are clear indications of arson at the starting point of the fire in Euboea, in the area of ​​Agrilitsa.
As the SKAF reported, the Authorities are in the process of collecting evidence to possibly file cases against persons.

Testimonies speak of a vehicle and motorcycle found in the area and may be related to the fire that broke out. Investigation authorities have so far received 25 reports and from the first moment there were suspicions of arson .

The fire did not touch the chapel in the forest – (EUROKINISSI / SOTIRIS DIMITROPOULOS)

The scandals of the arson crime department appear to have already formed on the basis of at least 25 resident and witness testimonies, the profile of at least 3 key suspects.

These suspects are residents of the area and have already been investigated by the authorities. All three reportedly have proposed alibi, which are being investigated by the authorities that are continuing the investigation.

According to what all three suspects claim, they were absent from both the area and their homes at the time of the fire. It is noted that one of them is the same man who was charged with last year’s fire in the area of ​​Kontodpot.

“Ashes” 22,689 acres
About 22.68 square kilometers (22,680 acres) of ash had been burned in the municipality of Dyrfia – Messapia in central Euboea by the fire , until 12:45 pm Greece on Wednesday 14 August.

Extra virgin forest fires in Evia (EUROKINISSI / SOTIRIS DIMITROPOULOS)This comes from the high-resolution data on burned areas provided by the European satellite Sentinel-2.

The signboard of the Forest Service also burned (EUROKINISSI / SOTIRIS DIMITROPOULOS)

The important thing is that with the firefighting zones created by the project machinery and the efforts of the hiking sections in particular, the danger to the villages was eliminated, which in the end were not disturbed except for four burning cars.

It is also worth noting that by 9:30 this morning, all firefighters who had waged a titanic battle with the flames in the previous days had been replaced and had exceeded their strength limits and the forces had been renewed in their entirety.
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