Hurricane Dorian’s arrival in the Bahamas

Bahamas, photo apimages

The hurricane Dorian, upgraded to category 5 struck particularly hard in the Bahamas.

This was announced by the National American Center for Hurricanes, citing “catastrophic conditions” in the northwest of the archipelago.

In the middle of the day, the typhoon’s eye was 30 kilometers from the Abacus Islands , threatened by floods and winds of more than 280 kilometers per hour.

The toughest hurricane in history
“Dorian is turning into the toughest hurricane in the region’s modern history,” said Center Director Ken Graham, referring to an “extremely worrying situation”.

Hubert Minis, the prime minister of the archipelago of about 700 islands between Florida, Cuba and Haiti, called on the population to rush to the shelters as soon as possible .
From the White House, Donald Trump has called for alert to a “very, very powerful” hurricane.

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