Ianos hurricane damage, waste management and NSRF funding at the table || Meeting of Rodis Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou with Mayors of Kefalonia

A number of important and topical issues of the citizens occupied the meeting held by the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou with the Mayors of Argostoli Theofilos Michalatos , Samis Gerasimos Monia and Lixouri George Katsiveli during the visit.

They exchanged information on issues related to the necessary interventions in infrastructure in the context of the rehabilitation of the affected areas by IANOS but also in general for the cooperation of the Ionian Islands Region with the Municipalities of Kefalonia in development issues, as well as the development of projects funded by NSRF.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Head of Kefalonia and Ithaca Stavros Travlos , the Deputy Head of Finance and Culture of the Region of Ionian Islands Katerina Mothonaiou , the Deputy Head of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development of the Region of Ionian Islands Sotiris Kouris , Deputy Mayor for Waste Lixouri Chris Voltaire and Deputy Mayor for Culture Lixouri Gerasimos Γαλανός .

The Governor also informed the Mayors that an amount of 25 million euros has been approved as a first step to finance studies and rehabilitation projects, while additional funding has been approved to repair the damage to the solid waste management site in Palosti.

The issue of the implementation of the Integrated Spatial Investment (OPS) of Paliki was also discussed, which is a serious financial tool, pending from the earthquakes of 2014 in order for the region to overcome the problems, to strengthen the required infrastructure and create structures for seismic research and behaviour.

The Regional Minister also informed that the modern waste management, with the cooperation of all Municipalities, is the main goal of the new regional FODSA, as this achieves the best planning for the management and financing of the waste management system with a view to quality of life. and a reliable tourist identity.

She also asked the Mayor of Argostoli, Theofilos Michalatos, to finalize the position of the Municipality of Argostoli in the new Body and to play an active role, reminding that Argostoli has been designated as the seat of the Regional FODSA.

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