“Ianos”: The strongest Mediterranean cyclone ever recorded with winds speeds recorded in Kefalonia at 194 km/h

The Mediterranean cyclone “Ianos” affected our country on 17-20 September 2020 and left behind 4 dead in Thessaly and huge disasters in Zakynthos, Cephalonia, Ithaca, Karditsa, Magnesia and Fthiotida.

Kefalonia: Winds up to 194 km / h and 644 mm daily rainfall!

According to the meteorologist of the National Observatory of Athens, specialist in such systems Mr. Stavros Dafis, according to the latest studies from the meteorological stations of the Ionian University, the phenomenon is the strongest ever recorded in the chronicles.

In particular, according to Mr. Dafis, the maximum gust recorded in Cephalonia reached 54 m / s or 194.4 km / h (kilometers per hour), with a total daily rainfall of 644 mm (millimeters).

The Mediterranean cyclone, based on the latest data, corresponds to a Category 2 hurricane , on the Saffir-Simpson five-point scale, something like this has never been recorded before in our country.

source – www.ileiakairos.gr

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