If the map turns red, we return to click away and close the schools

The increase in cases is causing concern among experts, with the issue of opening Gymnasiums and Lyceums being one of the main topics of discussion at Friday’s meeting.

” There is no reason for the primary schools to close because we know very well that they do not contribute to the transmission of the disease “, clarified Mr. Gogos speaking to Mega, then giving clarifications about what is happening with Gymnasiums and Lyceums.

Responding to the information stating that in case more than 1,000 cases are registered, Gymnasiums-Lyceums will not open and we will return to click away, Mr. Gogos clarified: ” What I tell you again is that this decision has already been made, that in In case we enter the characteristics of a “red” zone, we return to the click away and close the schools “.

” The decision is given to open secondary schools and high schools, too, the decision is that when there is a region burdened when entering the” red “, will not work the Lyceum. This is the Commission’s previous decision. “These two days, then, we will see the data that exist, which areas are difficult and if there is such an issue we will discuss it “, said Mr. Gogos. Asked if Attica is in the “red” , which means closing schools, Mr. Gogos said that Gymnasiums will not open, especially the Lyceums, as there is contagion.

Gogos: We were expecting an increase in cases
Mr. Gogos characterized the increase of cases as expected by the professor both due to the increased mobility of the holidays and the opening of retail, which, as he said, will give cases in the coming weeks. ” There is also the winter that aggravates the situation for reasons of coloring indoors”, added Mr. Gogos. “The situation is not good but neither is it dramatic. “It is a phase where we can take some measures and facilitate the situation, ” he said.

What worries experts is the situation in Athens and Attica in general. ” What really worries us is the situation in Athens and Attica in general . “Because it is a large urban area, we can not hide that such an issue is very important because the dispersal in such an area is much easier and its restraint is much more difficult, ” said Mr. Gogos.

On the issue of road mobility , Mr. Gogos pointed out that ” we can not forbid the world to move “, stressing the importance of controls. ” More intelligent solutions can be discussed. “Let’s say a solution that is in relation to who goes out one day, who goes out the next, depending on the ID number, that is, to limit the traffic in some way “, he said.

Asked if this could be done, the professor said: ” There is no such proposal, it is something that has now come to my mind to tell you how one can find other ways to restrict traffic, if there is a heavy load on the roads. The main thing is to control the access to the shops if necessary and the country blushes “.

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