If you dont have a smartphone you can still register to get 112 emergency SMS messages

The Greek emergency services have an emergency SMS communication system which delivers direct to your mobile telephone.
One was sent out last night concerning Coronavirus.
My phone went off sounding like a car alarm, frightened the life out of me!
If yours is a Smart phone you need do nothing SMS will automatically be delivered.
But if you use an older model you can register your details using the attached link which will include you in the system.
source – FB post of Stuart Walsh to C.I.C. Cretan International Community
Further information from civilprotection.gr

Emergency Communications Service 112


112 is an integrated emergency communications service that includes both incoming and outgoing limbs. In the outbound leg, you can call 112 free of charge in any emergency, anywhere in Greece and in the EU. In the outbound limb, you can receive alerts through various communication technologies and channels for an imminent or ongoing catastrophic event or a dangerous situation that poses an immediate threat to your life, health or safety in order to receive instructions for taking self-protection measures.

Outbound Strand: Citizen Alarm System Alerts

DO YOU HAVE A SMART MOBILE? No registration required

If you have a smartphone, you will receive a written warning (Cell Broadcast – CB) message, which will be displayed on the cell phone screen and will be accompanied by a distinctive alarm tone (unlike any other device alert tone). what is required is to have firmware updated by the manufacturer and some settings on your terminals.

DON’T HAVE A SMART MOBILE? You can sign up here

If you do not have a smartphone, click here  to sign up or call 112 to receive alerts in one of the following ways:

  • Short Message Service (SMS). If you do not have a smart phone, you can receive a text message. 112 is displayed as the sender of the message.
  • Email (s ). You will receive an email, which you can read on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or laptop. 112 is displayed as the sender of the message.
  • Voice alarms. You will receive a phone call on your mobile or landline phone. You will be called 112112 as a caller. As soon as you answer the call, you will hear a voice message, recorded or translated from text-to-speech.

Inbound Strand: 112 – The Number to Remember When You’re in a European Union Country

112 was established by the European Union (EU) as the European emergency number. It is used to call emergency services free of charge in all EU countries, facilitating telephone access to these services. It is a particularly useful figure for citizens traveling within the EU and facing emergencies abroad.

112 operates in all EU Member States alongside national emergency numbers. In some EU countries however, it is the only emergency call number. It also operates in some countries outside the EU, such as Switzerland and South Africa.

In Greece, 112 operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and connects the caller, depending on the emergency he reports with:

  • the Police
  • the Fire Brigade
  • the EKAB
  • the Coast Guard
  • the National Hotline SOS 1056
  • the European helpline for missing children 116000

Phone calls to 112 are answered by specially trained operators in Greek, English and French.

Dialing to 112 is free of charge and can be made from a landline or mobile phone (even without a SIM card).

The call to 112 can also be made by public telephone booths without a calling card.

The number 112 operates within the reach of any mobile network. If the event area is not covered by the caller’s mobile network, the call to 112 is made through other mobile networks covering that area (national and international roaming service).

Dialing to 112 provides the location of the caller.

Citizens can also call 112 at:

  • By sending a text message (SMS) or MMS to 112.
  • By sending a fax to 11.112.
  • By sending an email to contact@112.gov.gr .

When your call is answered, the answering machine will ask you questions to determine the location of the event and determine the type of assistance you need. When contacting 112 in one of the alternative ways, write the following information in your message:

  • What has happened; What is an emergency?
  • Where has it happened? What is the location of the event?
  • Are there any injured?

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection is responsible for the operation of 112 in Greece.

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