If you think learning Greek is hard don’t forget nearly 10% of English words come from Greek origins!

Two Greek words that are not translated into any language

Philotimo video in English!

The Greek language is the only one in the world that is spoken and written continuously for 4,000 consecutive years.

Indeed, Greek, ancient Greek to be accurate, is the basis of all the languages ​​of Europe, with the rest getting many “loans”. For example, English has 490 thousand words, of which 41,615 come from the Greek language.

However, there are also some words that can not be translated exactly in any language. The first is the «φιλότιμο» “pride” , which the BBC was also working on in 2017. “Its exact meaning is highly discussed, as the word belongs to the pantheon of Greek dictionaries that defy the easy explanation. “Love of Honor” is its official translation, a useful but inadequate effort to convey the virtues that are compressed into the four syllables of the word, “he says among others.

The second word is «κέφι»”cheerful”. Proper translating does not clearly reflect the meaning of the word, since the joy includes a whole experience expressed by laughter, dancing and singing, while in most foreign dictionaries it is referred to as the spirit of joy and a thrill filled with passion and enthusiasm .


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