Igoumenitsa: Fire on a ship all passengers have abandoned ship and head to Corfu (video)

An alarm has been sounded at the port, after the information it received about a fire on a passenger ship with 288 passengers, outside Igoumenitsa.

The passenger ship “Euroferry Olympia” caught fire shortly after its departure from the port of Igoumenitsa in the early hours of Friday.

According to the Coast Guard, the Italian-flagged ship, which had departed for Brindisi, is sailing outside the island of Ereikousa. The ship has 237 passengers and 51 crew members.

The same sources emphasize that the master requested the abandonment of the ship.

The fire -for a reason unknown until now- broke out on deck 3 of the passenger-vehicle ferry, which is burning from end to end.

All passengers left the ship
According to MEGA, shortly after 6:30 the removal of all passengers was completed and now the counting process has begun in the lifeboats.

Three helicopters and a frigate are speeding to the spot
Meanwhile, the Hydra frigate and three helicopters are rushing to the area.

Five Coast Guard vessels and one Italian Coast Guard vessel are already operating at the site.

The passengers are in good health
As stated by the Deputy Minister of Shipping, Costas Katsafados, speaking to SKAI, in addition to boats of the Greek Navy, there are also air forces.

“The passengers are all well, they have boarded the lifeboats and their collection has begun,” the deputy minister said, explaining that the positive thing is that there are good weather conditions that facilitate the work of rescuers.

In fact, as Mr. Katsafados stated a little later to MEGA, the passengers will probably be transported to Corfu.

The governor of the Ionian Islands, Rodi Kratsa, speaking on SKAI 100.3 radio, confirmed that according to her own information, everyone is in good health and that Corfu is preparing to receive passengers.

Source -iefimerida.gr

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