Ikaria: Fatal fall of 34-year-old Natalie in the 20-meter ravine

Forensic Investigation to Clear Scene Today on Causes of Death 

A forensic examination and an autopsy of the site will provide answers to the death of 34-year-old astrophysicist Natalie Christopher in Ikaria.

Natalie Christopher’s body was found yesterday, Wednesday, rock-clad in an area very close to the hotel where she was staying. This morning a forensic scientist is expected to come to Ikaria, who will travel either from Syros or Athens. The forensic examination will answer all the questions about how the English astrophysicist was ‘prematurely’ lost. The autopsy will most likely be performed in Athens, where the body of the 34-year-old will be transferred after the autopsy is completed.

Ikaria: The astrophysicist’s body was left in place
As the forensic expert is due today in Ikaria, her body was not moved from where she was found yesterday afternoon. The area has been blocked and kept in order not to lose valuable items. Authorities are still aiming today to take photos and also film the area (possibly with drones) to capture details and data that can lead to safe and definitive conclusions on the 34-year-old’s death.

How She was found in Ikaria
After two days of searching, 34-year-old Natalie was found dead in a ravine in Keramei, Ikaria, on Wednesday afternoon. This was where the authorities had been looking for the location, as it was about a kilometer away from the hotel where she was staying with her Cypriot partner , where her mobile phone was last seen.

The body of the 34-year-old astrophysicist was found by a volunteer firefighter at 17:10 and was on the back, surrounded by rocks, which apparently detached during the climbing or climbing attempted by unlucky Natalie, authorities initially estimate. As soon as Natalie’s body was found, her partner was called in for identification. From the clothes shown to him by police officers he recognized his partner.

Ikaria: The scenarios the police are investigating
Evidence so far shows that the astrophysicist is most likely to have lost her life in a fall. The unfortunate Natalie fell into a 20-meter-deep ravine with rocks clogging it . All indications indicate that this was probably an accident and that the 34-year-old attempted to improvise or descend on the spot, but without the necessary equipment.

It is not ruled out that climbing experts can be consulted. The scenario of criminal energy and suicide, since no note was found or there was any other indication of her behavior before leaving for the fateful ride, seems to be moving away.

Companion comments – I thank the rescuers
Tragic figure is Kyriakos, Natalie’s companion, who recognized her clothes and realized that she was dead. Kyriakos wanted to thank all those involved in the astrophysics tracking effort, with one of the volunteers posting the story they had via SMS.

“To all the teams that helped a great deal of thanks. Civil protection, volunteer firefighters … Thank you, “wrote Cypriot, as reported by research volunteer Vangelis Kriaras.

The friends of the unlucky astrophysicist are overwhelmed
As soon as news came out that Natalie Christopher was dead, dozens of her friends rushed to express their grief through social media messages. The astrophysicist was a very active person who liked to run, something that, in addition to her photos on the internet, is also seen by people who wrote about her social loss. Groups such as “Women of Europe”, “Women fit for business”, as well as the Cyprus Trail Runners, wrote about the loss of the girl who was active in fitness in Cyprus, where she stayed last year with her her partner.

‘Dear Natalie, You’re already missing from the Women fit 4 Business team. Let your soul rest, “wrote the group Women fit 4 Business.

“Our worst fears. Natalie was found dead. Greek media report that Natalie’s body was found in a gorge on the island of Ikaria, near the hotel where she was staying. We are overwhelmed. We lost a wonderful soul, a great friend and a runner who inspired us, “the group Cyprus Trail Runners wrote in its post.

Meanwhile, the case has been widely publicized in Cyprus. It is characteristic that the President of the country, Nikos Anastasiadis, wanted to express his condolences for the loss of 34 years.

“I was deeply saddened to hear of the tragic outcome of the investigations and the fate of Natalie Christopher. A young scientist and active citizen who lost all her life and much to give was unjustly lost. I express my sincere condolences to the family and her relatives, ”she said.
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