Imminent weather deterioration in Central and Northern Greece with rains and sporadic storms


Athens, July 12, 2019

According to the Extraordinary Weather Impact Bulletin issued Friday, July 12, 2019 by the National Meteorological Service (NMH), the weather in Central and Northern Greece will show a temporary deterioration from the first Saturday night (13-07-2019) until Sunday midday (14-07-2019) with rains and sporadic storms .

More specifically, the areas that will be affected first are the North Sea , the Continent and possibly the western mainland , and from midnight until midday of Kyriakisthe Macedonia (mainly Central and East Macedonia ), the northern parts of Thessaly , the Northern Sporades as well as the islands of the North Aegean .

Citizens can be updated daily for the development of exceptional weather events to regular weather reports of CMH and the CMH website at .

The Civil Protection General Secretariat ( ) of the Ministry of Citizen Protection has informed the relevant state-owned agencies, as well as the regions and municipalities of the country, that they are in a high degree of civil protection readiness to deal directly the effects of the manifestation of intense weather phenomena.


At the same time, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection recommends that citizens be particularly cautious, taking care to take self-protection measures against the dangers of the phenomenon of severe weather .


In particular, in areas where heavy rainfall, storms or windy winds are expected to occur :

  • Insure objects that, if overcome by intense weather, may cause disasters or injuries.
  • Ensure that the slopes and gutters of the dwellings are not clogged and operate normally.
  • Avoid crossing torrents and streams, walking or driving, during storms and rains, but also for several hours after the end of their event 
  • Avoid outdoor activities and activities in marine and coastal areas during the event of severe weather events (risk of lightning strikes).
  • Protect immediately during hail. Take refuge in a building or in a car and not leave the safe place unless they are sure that the storm has passed. Hail may also be very dangerous for animals.
  • Avoid passing under large trees, under hanging signs and generally from areas where light objects (eg pots, broken glass, etc.) can peel off and fall into the ground (eg under balconies) .
  • Follow faithfully the instructions of local authorities such as Traffic Police,


For information and announcements about the current situation and the road network’s flood water inflow, citizens can visit the EL.AS website. .

For more information and self-protection instructions from weather conditions, citizens can visit the General Civil Protection Secretariat ‘s website at .

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