Important Message to any British people who have recently Arrived in Kefalonia or Ithaca

It seems although we have very strict measures being applied by our Government, some still think they are beyond these measures and are putting in danger the very thing most of us are trying to protect.. OUR HEALTH, OUR LOVED ONES and OUR ISLAND..
If you arrived today, in Athens you would have seen a lot stricter measures. Everyone is checked by camera with a heat detector, whilst some are also checked with a thermometer… there are also heat detectors throughout the airport.

From today ALL visitors will have to be quarantined and the authorities are dealing with those who have to be…

As for visitors on our Island who made it across the waters yesterday or a few days ago… They are not in forced quarantine but should be in “self isolation” for at least 14 days.(meaning you should not have any contact with others and stay at home)..We remind you most of the COVID-19 cases are within Athens and Attiki…

Unfortunately, today, and it saddens me if it is true, there have been reports that some visitors to our Island have not been self isolating and have been out walking around our island… THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

We remind you that if you are caught there a hefty fines…

We would also ask that if ANYONE sees someone “New” to the area and are not in self isolation please report it immediately to our authorities. This has to do with ALL, our health and protecting our Island….Those not complying to the measures that are put into force by our Government may cause complete disaster through their careless actions!



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