Imprisonment for up to three years is provided for spreading and spreading false news regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to SKAI, the Minister of Justice, Costas Tsiaras, stressed that the State is considering ways to deal with the phenomenon of spreading fake news, regarding the pandemic.

Mr. Tsiaras also referred to Article 151 of the new penal code which provides for imprisonment of up to 3 years for those who spread false news that endanger public health and stressed that if the existing provisions are found to be ineffective, the State is ready to tighten penalties for spreading false news.

What is provided for quarantine violation
At the same time, the Minister of Justice stressed that for the violation of the quarantine for the coronavirus, the offense lies in Article 285 of the Criminal Code, which provides for imprisonment of up to 10 years if one is found guilty of killing one person, and longer sentences if more people die. .
“The issue is not to reach the implementation of the current provisions but to catch up before we get there,” said Mr. Tsiaras.

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