In 1 hour 2 tons of rubbish removed from Agia Efimia harbour

One Blue Recycling Bin, 1 Green Trash Bin, 1 cart from supermarket, 2 Chairs, bars, parts of all kinds, dozens of tires of cars and trucks, dozens of plastic buckets, hundreds of nautical ropes, boxes, boxes, 1 “Home Sweet Home Mat”, 1 Bottle of champagne, 1 Pair of sunglasses, 1 Smartphone and many more…
Objects abandoned, forgotten, rusted at the bottom of the picturesque port of agia euphemia in kefalonia.
Where we ship thousands of boats every year.
Others were there by accident.
Others were thrown without a second thought.
No shame.
But always with total lack of environmental conscience.
Behaviors that no longer fit in this country.
Habits that have no place on this planet.
Lifestyle We need to change.
Culture we need to build.
From Home.
From School.

Clean Up Greece as part of the clean up the world weekend, organised on Sunday 22 September 2019, a underwater cleaning at the port of agia euphemia in kefalonia with the valuable contribution of the professional divers of Aquatic Scuba Diving Club-Kefalonia-Greece And with the warm support of the municipality of sámēs – pylárou and the volunteer environment protection team pylárou.
* items found and come from fishing and shipping activity will be delivered to BlueCycle, the blue and circular economy programme.

We would like to thank them:
Baghdad Moniá (Mayor of sámēs), Amalia Alysandrátou (Deputy Mayor Pylárou), Baghdad Sotiropoulos as well as the team of divers from the aquatic diving club, gerasimos next door (President of the community of makryōtíkōn), Panagiotis Zapheiráto (President of the community of Saint Lucia), George Gasparḗ (head of Marina). Saint Euphemia), dimitris kaliakoúdē and panos tampákē (Volunteer Environment Protection Team), Vangelis Alysandráto, agápio nikoletáto and vasilis stamoulis (Municipality of sámēs), sokol xhelaj (made).

Source – FB post of Maria Xytaki

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