In Cephalonia the largest desalination plant in the country

The third desalination unit and the largest one in the whole country, with regard to the production of drinking water on a daily basis, Kefallonia acquires one of the most touristic islands of the Ionian. The unit was inaugurated by the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of the island in the previous days and will operate in Argostoli, producing daily 8,000 cubic meters of drinking water. Smaller units have been installed in Fiskardo and Assos that operate during the summer months while the rest of the island is supplied with drilling.

Notable detail is that Argostoli has recently advanced to replace the water supply network so that the water produced is not lost.    

Argostoli hosts 15,000 permanent residents in the winter, reaching 40,000 in the summer months. The unit will be able to serve an average of up to 200 liters of water per person.

Argostoli, unlike other areas of Kefallonia that face severe drought and lack of groundwater, has plenty of water thanks to the sources of Koutouvo.

“These springs spur large amounts of water from the rocks that are directed to the lagoon but the water is green,” says Dionysis Georgopoulos, CEO of the Mediterranean SA, who has undertaken the construction and operation of the project for seven years. This water has elevated chlorides that make it prohibitive for both drinking and the household as it has corrosive properties. It is estimated that the water of Argostoli exhibits about 1000 mg / l chlorides when the international limits are 250 mg / l.  

Desalination costing 3.6m euros funded by the NSRF will process the brackish water of the springs and produce clean drinking water, which will be charged to 0.25 cubic centimeters. As the company that built the project says, the municipal enterprise will decide how to cover these costs. But it is a decision that will not have to be received shortly as one year the water is expected to be funded by the NSRF.   

This plant uses modern reverse osmosis technology and is the first time in Greece, which also includes installation of photovoltaic systems generating power of 65 KW, in order to reduce the energy costs. The project has a more symbolic character as it is estimated to cover about 8% of energy needs.  

The desalination plant includes a pretreatment unit to protect the osmosis membranes. This unit includes pre-filtering on 6 special filters as well as pH adjustment as well as the use of a special chemical to protect the membranes.

After pre-filtering, the water to be treated is pressurized to the reverse osmosis membranes. This is achieved by means of high pressure pumps. This ensures the containment of pollutants even at a rate of 99.5% -99.8% making the water safe and drinking.

Pure water is led to a reservoir and from there with a pump station in the water supply tanks of the city of Argostoli.

MESOGEOS SA is developing in the field of solid waste management and has already undertaken the waste treatment plant in Alexandroupolis and the Ilia PPP for waste treatment plant in cooperation with J & P Avax. The company also has a number of water management projects, including desalination facilities in Mykonos, Paphos, Almyros River, water refineries in Peneo and Cyprus etc. The company controlled by Eurobank and the Laskaridis Group, 50%, is also developing in the production of biogas from refuse and also in RES.

In the green energy market, the company, through its subsidiary, MES-ENERGY, is developing in the field of project development, undertaking the implementation of large RES projects for foreign funds interested in business in Greece.

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    do the company have a policy for recruiting disabled people from britain? i was a desalination engineer for 10 years in the royal navy.i have 1 working leg and 1 working arm.the rest of me is completely normal.

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      sadly not

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    i live in stafford u.k


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