In Corfu, the curtain of celebrations “opened” for the 200 years since the revolution of 1821 with Ionian islands central stage!

In a special and innovative way, the curtain of celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the revolution of 1821 was opened in Corfu. 1821 – 2021 “, for the coming of the anniversary year 2021.

“For the Ionian Islands, this historic anniversary is completely connected to their historical role. So we want to send this message, this coming year, because the Ionian Islands were protagonists in the preparation of the revolution, in support of the Greek revolutionaries and then in the formation of the modern Greek state. We honor the inspirers and ideas of independence and freedom that were cultivated here and the great historical figures, such as Kapodistrias and Solomos, who played an important role in Greece and are today national symbols “said, among others, the governor of the Ionian Islands Rodi Kra -Tsagaropoulou.

The event, designed and implemented entirely by the Department of Sound and Visual Arts of the Ionian University, took place at Panagia ton Xenon, in the heart of Corfu, while the most modern audiovisual technologies were used to capture the message in an innovative way. of the anniversary.

The cartographic projection “Sound and Light 2021”, is the result of the creative synergy between the Ionian Islands Region and the Ionian University. It marks on a national level the beginning of the 200th anniversary of the revolution of 1821. An anniversary that in itself creates optimistic prospects, which are reinforced by the current time. Prospects for the elimination of the pandemic, but also for the promotion of freedom as a universal good. The use of new audiovisual representation techniques that are being developed experimentally at the Ionian University is utilized to create a narrative environment that, within a few minutes, manages to highlight the gravity of the above concepts, “the Ionian University Rector told APE-MPE. Andreas Floros.

The project “Sound and Light 2021” was supervised by the president of the Department of Sound and Visual Arts, associate professor Andreas Giannakoulopoulos, the artistic director was the associate professor Konstantinos Tiligadis and the organizational coordination was by the head of the Secretariat Niki Aleviz.

The artistic creation and production as a whole is the result of the collective work of a multi-member team of collaborators of the Department of Sound and Visual Arts, under the direction of Associate Professor Konstantinos Tiligadis with significant contributions to graphics by Assistant Professor Angeliki Malakasiotis, to sound by Associate Professor in the script by the academic fellow Iakovos Panagopoulos.

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