In Crete: Four missing after the bad weather

The point where investigations began / Photo: Facebook / Dia-SOS-te Mesara

A car drifting in water by rapids in Geropotamos, Messara, Crete, according to new information, their are four missing. 

This is a couple of -29-year-old driver and her husband- and the woman’s parents. 

As the SKAI reported, the alarm sounded shortly after dawn when the woman in the car called the police and crying began to shout “help, we drown.” 

The unfortunate woman gave the authorities information about their location, and since then she has begun a large enterprise of EMMA, Fire Brigade, Police and Port. 

For investigations has been “employed” and drone of the Fire Brigade. 

Δείτε σε βίντεο την επιχείρηση διάσωσης κάτω από τη ΦαιστόΟι ποσότητες που κατεβάζει ο ποταμός είναι τεραστιες…όλοι πλεον κάνουν λόγο ότι το αυτοκίνητο έχει παρασυρθεί ως τη θάλασσα. Οι έρευνες βέβαια συνεχίζονται παντού…

Gepostet von Δια-SOS-τε τη Μεσαρά am Samstag, 16. Februar 2019

They tried to move from side by side

According to the cretalive, the family was going to go from Archanes to a social event in the area of ​​Pombia.

It is estimated that they attempted to go to the event venue from a side street rather than from the main road, causing the vehicle to be swept away by the torrent waters. 

This point is located 20 kilometers from the outpost of Geropotamos, which, according to residents of the area, has risen to a significant extent due to the downpour of the days. 

According to information, so far neither the vehicle nor traces of the four occupants have been found.

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