In mini lockdown Zakynthos and Chania – Prohibition of music and traffic

The government is implementing local measures , as happened in Mykonos, in Zakynthos and Chania.

Following a recommendation by the Infectious Diseases Subcommittee and the National Committee for the Protection of Public Health against Covid-19 coronavirus in the context of the country’s epidemiological surveillance by Regional Unit and Municipality on a weekly basis, the government proceeds to adopt and implement local the Regional Units of Zakynthos and Chania, which are transferred to the red (level 4) due to increased epidemiological burden (+ 69% for Zakynthos and + 54% for Chania on a weekly basis).

More specifically, from Friday 6 August at 06:00 in the morning the following will apply:

  • Traffic ban from 01:00 in the evening until 06:00 in the morning, with the exception of work and serious health reasons.
  • Prohibition of music around the clock in stores of health interest and entertainment.

The measures are valid until Friday 13 August and will be re-evaluated by the Commission next week. We also remind you that in these areas, as well as throughout the country, it is forbidden to hold any form of events in exchange for any form of exchange, with the physical presence of a crowd of more than twenty (20) people in a private, non-professional space.

The administrative fine in case of violation amounts from 50,000 to 200,000 euros for the lessee or concessionaire of the private, non-professional space, in which the event in question took place or takes place.

It is also noted that the Municipalities of Rhodes and Ieton (Ios) are rising to orange (level 3) with increased surveillance, while in other areas of the territory there is no worrying differentiation in terms of epidemiological burden. We call on the residents, visitors and professionals of these areas to adhere to the measures taken, in order to control and limit the spread of the virus.

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