In Parliament, the promotion of a historic rock located behind the British Cemetery dedicated to the builder of the de Bosset (Drapano) bridge

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TO: The Minister of Culture and Sports

SUBJECT : “Promotion of a historical rock dedicated to the builder of the bridge” de Bosset “, of the Municipality of Argostoli”

Madam Minister,

According to information from residents of Argostoli and based on local electronic press releases, behind the British cemetery of Argostoli, in an inaccessible spot, there is a votive carved bilingual inscription on a rock surface. It was engraved in 1813 and is dedicated to the builder of the famous “de Bosset” bridge. The Swiss engineer, Charles Philippe de Bosset, was hired by the British army to build the largest stone bridge over a body in seawater, which has existed ever since. It is the bridge that connects the south side of the port of Argostoli with Drapano, 950 m long and separates the sea from the lagoon of Koutavos. Thanks to its relative contribution in the form of the design and construction of the above bridge,

Given all the above,

The Minister is asked :

Intend to take the necessary steps in order to highlight and make accessible the point, where the above mentioned carved rock, on which there is the famous engraved inscription, so that travelers and locals can reach it more easily, since and is it considered an integral part of the history of Argostoli?


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