In the Ionian and visiting Kefalonia Greenpeace ship, against hydrocarbon mines


From June 12th to June 22nd, the Greenpeace, Rainbow Warrior, will tour Greece in the framework of the Pan-European tour of the organization to address the climate crisis and to promote clean energy from renewable energy sources instead of using fossil fuels. 

The ship will be in Piraeus, Marina Zea on June 12-13, in Argostoli Kefalonia on June 16-17, Patras on June 18-19 and Corfu on 21-22 June

As the press release of the organization ship arrives in Greece“To support the action of local communities against hydrocarbon mines and to highlight the problem of the climate crisis we are facing. The public will be able to tour this historic ship, see a photo exhibition that shows the impact of climate change and climate protection solutions, and participate in activities for the young and the older.
Scientists warn: We have 11 years to reduce the use of fossil fuels by half and prevent irreversible climate change. We are in a state of emergency. We demand climate and energy policy that is in line with science’s suggestions for keeping the global temperature at 1.5 ° C. We demand a rapid de-dependence of the economy from fossil fuels by 2040, the promotion of savings and clean energy sources and the cancellation of all hydrocarbon mining projects in the country. We urge all political forces in the country to realize the stumbling block and the new parliament that will form after the elections a direct resolution on declaring the country in a state of emergency for climate change, as already done by parliaments in other European countries. It is our right to protect our lives and our place and together we can do it! “

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