In the “red” the ICUs, at 83% the fullness -Warning Tsiodra for West Attica

The information of the Ministry of Health about the coronavirus with Vassilis Kikilias is in progress.

Shortly before the start of the briefing, EODY announced 1,677 new cases of coronavirus in our country in the last 24 hours. Also, another 95 dead and 578 intubated were announced in the ICU.

The Minister of Health rang the bell, saying that there is a worrying increase in cases in West Attica, while revealing the suffocating pressure on the health system. As he said, the ICUs are in the “red”, with coverage of 83% nationwide. In Attica the occupancy is 77%, while in Thessaloniki it is 95%.

Mr. Kikilias said that shortly before the briefing he had spoken with Professor Sotiris Tsiodras and conveyed his concerns. “The age distribution of cases over the age of 60 is increasing,” he said.

“The situation is worrying in West Attica, hospital admissions in the last three days are about equal to discharges, while most new cases per 100,000 inhabitants are observed in the prefectures of Pieria, Drama, Kilkis, Pella, Imathia, Thessaloniki, Larissa and Florina Mr. Kikilias noted, conveying what Mr. Tsiodras told him.

Mr. Kikilias stressed that after five weeks of lockdown the positivity of the virus remains increasing and the danger bell for transmission during the holidays rang, if we do not follow the measures.

“With these daily cases, do we prioritize the message of Christmas as a society or does the individual sense of our perception of things prevail? Are we a society of solidarity? ” Vassilis Kikilias asked and continued: “Are we aware that we have 578 intubated people in hospitals? Mobility has shown a slight upward trend despite the lockdown. The question that arises and is simple and hard, is where one treats one’s fellow citizens, where one can find an intensive care bed if things become difficult “.

“Different this Christmas”
Then, Vassilis Kikilias sent a clear message for this year’s Christmas, making a special mention of our grandparents. “It is the easiest to have transmission inside our house. “This Christmas is different,” he stressed.

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