In Zakynthos the Emir of Qatar – The investment of the Arab mogul on the island

The super yacht Al Lousail of the 39-year-old Emir of Qatar Tam Bin Hamad al-Thani has arrived in the Ionian seas in recent hours.

After Crete, where the harsh Arab leader was found, he approached Zakynthos with his floating palace. Not accidentally, since over the famous Navajo beach lies the 15,000 acre area that his father bought in 2014 to invest in the area, building tourist lodgings for Croeses from around the world.

The investment of the Qatar Emir that stuck
However, the investment of the Qatar Emir – initially planned to reach 2 billion euros – has not progressed to date due to bureaucratic problems and court trials. The young Emir visited for the first time (Saturday) the much-discussed plot after coming down from Al Lousail with an auxiliary boat and arriving in the area accompanied by close associates, according to exclusive information from

Emiris with Al lousail in Arabic means “comfortable voyage” will continue in the next few days on other islands
After the change of government, the Catarians are thinking of “defusing” their investment project in Greece and already Tuesday, Qatar’s Ambassador met with Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis asking him to help overcome the problems. Qatar’s Emir with Al lousail, which in Arabic means a “comfortable trip”, will continue in the next few days on other Ionian islands.

The boat is an amazing 123m long!

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