In Zakynthos took place the third consecutive meeting of the Regional Chamber Council, which discussed extensively issues that concern the Ionian Islands, focusing on entrepreneurship and infrastructure issues of the Ionian Islands Region.

The main themes of the meeting were the issue of sailplanes, the transport equivalent and the extraction of hydrocarbons. The President 
of the Chamber of Corfu and the Chambers of the Ionian Islands Chamber of Commerce G. Chondrogiannis stated that: “Through the meetings of the Regional Chamber Council, a great effort will be made to cooperate and exchange mainly proposals on the Ionian Islands and, secondly, of the Region of the Ionian Islands and the improvement of the competitiveness of its businesses “.

For hydroplanes

Regarding the issue of sailplanes, the Chairman of the Port Authority of the Port Authority, Mr. Akis Zivas, was informed and it was agreed that actions should be taken in order to commit the involved parties in writing on the planned schedule of implementation of the project.

Transport Equivalent

For the Transport Equivalent, it has been agreed that there have been issues concerning the implementation of the program that require intervention by the Chamber of Commerce, such as the issue of cumulation of aid with the current and previous NSRF programs and the reduction of bureaucracy. At the same time, the increase in the budget was proposed and the need for the measure to be applied to all the citizens and businessmen of the Ionian Islands without exception. 
On this issue the BoD member. Of the Chamber of Commerce of Corfu Spyros Spas pointed out: “We talked about the transport equivalence that takes place in our islands. To have equality and insolence in the hinterland to enable our products to have competitive prices. “


An important part of the discussion was devoted to the issue of hydrocarbon extraction by analyzes by Seismologist Researcher Mr. Yiannis Kopanas and the President of NE TEE Mr. Panos Liveris. It was proposed to create a supervisory body for social control and recruitment by the Region of the Ionian Islands. 
In closing the meeting the member of the Board of Directors. Of the Corfu Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Stefanos Mexas, said: “There was a convergence of the views of all the members of all the Ionian Islands on the key issues and issues. The aim is to help local societies, to understand the magnitude of the problems and also to provide the solutions. Solutions through studies that local societies need so much about key issues. “

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