Increased coronaravirus tests at the road border of Greece

A total of 15,420 Bulgarian nationals entered the country from the Nymphaea and Ormeni border crossings in the first week of opening the border.

Controls for coronavirus those entering the country from the border Kipi stations, brown, Ormenio Nymphaia and from mobile units of PHEA starts next week the Agency. This was revealed by the president of EODY, Mr. Panagiotis Arkoumaneas, during meetings he had with health organizations and local government bodies in Xanthi and Rodopi on Tuesday, June 23, after the detection of incoming cases from Promachonas. 

“We will guard, in co-operation with the Civil Protection, our borders with Turkey and other regions and will continue to monitor the samples,” Mr Arkoumaneas said .

A total of 15,420 Bulgarian nationals entered the country from the border crossings of Nymphaea and Ormeni in the first week of opening the border, following the lifting of restrictions recently imposed as part of measures to reduce the spread of coronary heart disease .

In particular, according to the data of the General Regional Police Directorate of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, 9,890 Bulgarian citizens entered from the border crossing point of Nymphaea, while 5,530 entered from Ormenio .

“There is mobility and we can talk about a good first sample, which shows that there is interest,” said the president of the Thrace Hoteliers Association, Apostolos Palakidis . He clarified, however, that based on the data of the detention in the region of Thrace so far, which he characterizes as expected, there is a “restrained realism”, considering that at the given time, “optimism is a bit excessive”.

Regarding the final destination of the neighbors’ neighbors who visited the country last week, Mr. Palakidis stressed that “they were distributed in Alexandroupolis , Fanari and most in Thassos . Some have houses in the area of Kavala and others move the same day. The entrance to the country does not necessarily translate into an overnight stay in a hotel “, Mr. Palakidis characteristically notes.

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