Increased Scrutiny on Parking in Argostoli

Over the last 24 hours there appears to be an increased drive to manage parking infringements in Argostoli that has gone largely unnoticed for many years.

Post from Smith William on FB

Info only last Wednesday I along with many other’s was booked for parking alongside the right hand wall within the Poros Ferry Port. €20 fixed penalty on the ticket curtesy of the Coastguard.

Post from John Worrall on FB

Last night in Agostoli, as we were having our meal, we noticed a lot of people scuttling about. Realised what it was. It was a coastguard policeman handing tickets out to those who were parked where they shouldn’t ie. in front of bins, ramps for disabled, double parked cars etc. Have never seen people move as quickly.

This could be a short term issue during the election period or a longer term drive to increase traffic management issues in Argostoli.

Either way please be aware of increased monitoring.


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