Increased scrutiy of Uninsured Motor Vehicles by Elecronic checks

Increased controls to identify uninsured vehicles are initiated by the Independent Public Revenue Authority.

It will cross the vehicle data, which the tax authorities and the Ministry of Transport have at the disposal of the insurance companies. It will then send alerts to offenders with the amount they will have to pay for a fine-fee. Those who have uninsured vehicle will receive a standard message in their Taxisnet mailbox informing them that they “were identified as owners of possible uninsured vehicles”

If their vehicles are indeed uninsured, only the previous payment of the ticket will open the way for the insurance, and if it is wrong, they will have to correct it. The fines are based on current legislation: € 100 for two to 250 cubic meters, € 150 for two-wheelers over 251 cubic meters, € 200 for cars up to 1,000 cubic meters and € 250 for larger cars. 

New purchasers of vehicles have seven business days to insure their vehicles and not to face a fine.

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