Increases in fuel: “Gasoline in a few days will exceed 2.5 euros”

“Record” prices have now reached gasoline and in view of the mini snowfall that is coming to our country from tomorrow, many households are worried about how they will spend these days, with everyone’s eyes focused on the “explosion” of prices and in terms of in heating oil.

Within just one month, in almost all of Greece, the increase observed is € 0.20, a fact that forces consumers either not to buy oil or to greatly reduce the amount they will buy. 

According to the Fuel Price Observatory of the Ministry of Development, on February 1 the average price of diesel was € 1,572 and on March 5 it jumped to € 1,755, while in many areas it has exceeded € 2. Specifically, the average price of unleaded 95 octane in the prefecture of Attica from € 1,807 that was on February 1st last Saturday reached € 1,975 and is expected to rise further. In the Cyclades on March 5 the average price in unleaded was € 2,140 while the Dodecanese followed with € 2,095, Evritania with € 2,066 and Samos with € 2,035.  

A similar picture for the heating oil which from 1,233 € which was the average price a month ago, last Saturday reached 1,416 €. In particular, in the prefecture of Attica on February 1, the price of heating oil was € 1,218, while last Saturday, March 5, it reached € 1,419. In the prefecture of Dodecanese a month ago the heating diesel was € 1,306, while on March 5 the price jumped to € 1,461. On February 1 in the Cyclades the price of heating oil was € 1,344, while on March 5 it reached € 1,487. Same picture in the islands of the North Aegean despite the fact that there is a tax reduction to 17%. As in Lesvos, where last month the price of heating oil was € 1,336, while last Saturday it reached € 1,445. And Fthiotida “saw” within a month the heating oil to increase by 20 cents of the euro, 

The Vice President of the Association of Gas Station Owners and Traders, George Asmatoglou speaks to and emphasizes that the increases we see in 3 days are € 0.20.

“It’s a little difficult. Now we have € 1,419 the price of heating oil in Attica. Tomorrow it will go to € 1.60. The increase of two-three days is 20 minutes. The barrel is now at $ 127 from $ 93 last month. I do not know what will happen. It can go to $ 150 a barrel and if it goes to $ 150, then gasoline can exceed 2.5 euros.

Of course, the increases in each prefecture are not proportional. And the VAT to reduce the ministry will do nothing. Fuel increases have become uncontrollable. There’s a problem. And to reduce VAT, it will be reduced by 10 cents. When you have € 2.10 petrol, it will go to € 2. So, what will we understand? ” 

In addition, Mr. Asmatoglou points out, speaking to, that “as always, the Cyclades will see a large increase and mainland Greece will be burdened, especially the remote areas, those that receive small quantities in terms of heating oil. “Continental Greece will” see “large increases in unleaded and where there are long kilometers.” Regarding the reduced prices observed at some gas stations, Mr. Asmatoglou draws the attention of the consumer public and explains that “when some gas stations have below or marginally the price of the refinery, it is not the best. Something is wrong”. 

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