Incredible weather for May in Athens and Attica Today

It was planted with hail in Kamatero / Photo: Thanos Lagios / Twitter: @Dimi_Zaharakis
Winter weather today , as weather conditions are affecting Athens and other areas of Attica.

The weather seems crazy , as we are in mid-May, this afternoon rains and storms broke out. Indeed, in several areas of Attica, there was a heavy hail.

Unbelievable images of hail and hail in Athen,as seen in photos uploaded to social media users, roads have flooded, creating travel problems.

Kamares was flooded by the streets.

The streets in the municipality of Agioi Anargyroi – Kamaterou flooded with the sudden hail / Photo: @warrantgeo / twitter
In some places, the water that was gathered was very much. Halazi threw in Piraeus.

“Happily hail and rain in Piraeus .. a lot of sun we saw arrives,” says Constantina Papazisis on Twitter

According to, the phenomena will last till late afternoon and will mainly affect the northern and western parts of the prefecture. Due to locally strong phenomena attention is paid to movements and activities in open spaces.

He laid it in Kamatero by the hail.

Photo: Thanos Lagios / Twitter: @Dimi_Zaharakis
The inhabitants of Kamatero did not believe in their eyes, seeing the streets become white by the hail.

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