Infectious disease specialists thoughts on lockdown extension – What parameters are decisions based on?

With cases of coronavirus declining slowly, infectious disease specialists are still reluctant to lift the lockdown .

The government has already given a first extension to the measures until December 7, while it is considered almost certain that there will be a new extension until the 14th of the month . However, there are many voices of experts proposing to continue the measures until December 21, as on the one hand the cases have not fallen to the level they hoped, while on the other hand, the health system continues to be under pressure, as more than 600 patients (603 to be exact) remain intubated, with Thessaloniki being tested for another week. As the Prime Minister stressed on Saturday from the co-capital, the decongestion of the NSS will be the determining factor for the next steps of the government and the gradual lifting of the lockdown.

According to SKAI, the parameters that Maximou studies to decide the removal, or the partial removal of the lockdown, are the number of daily cases, the number of intubated, the balance of admissions and discharges, the positivity index, the Rt index and the number of active cases.

Mitsotakis: A little more patience until Christmas
“We will look at all the facts. Apart from the cases, we are also interested in other parameters. The positivity index is fortunately declining everywhere in Thessaloniki, but we are more interested in decongesting the pressure received by the NSS and this will be the determining factor “, said the Prime Minister speaking to Status fm radio, who asked the citizens to be a little patient still. He clarified that in any case this year’s Christmas will not be ordinary due to the pandemic, however, the opportunity will be given not for families to go through it alone, but to allow a family to visit .

“I really ask for a little patience and one more effort in the run-up to Christmas . I fully understand the fatigue, the sadness, the anger and even the fear of what has happened here in Thessaloniki. We must at all costs avoid meeting at home, it is the most dangerous way of transmitting the virus, we will only allow one plus one family for the holidays, choose which family you want to spend the holidays with, at this point we will be very strict, this I can tell you. “This Christmas will be very different, much more crowded, because very simply, this is how it should be done,” he said.

The prime minister also commented on the positive element of the reduction of cases in the last week, while noting that it would be “inadmissible to relax and face a third wave”.

Gogos: Christmas between us -Small removal of the lockdown December 14 to 21
Pathology professor Charalambos Gogos , speaking to SKAI, stressed that Christmas will take place in a strictly closed family circle, as as long as the pressure on the health system continues, the measures must continue.

“The most important thing at the moment is to end the alarm in the health system and that is where the Commission’s eyes are focused,” said Mr. Gogos, who identified a small lifting of the measures between December 14th and 21st. “Small lifting of measures during this period and great care. “We will celebrate Christmas with each other,” he said characteristically.

Mr. Gogos is one of the experts who is against the relaxation of the measures after December 6. He even proposes an extension until the 21st of the month, reminding that “the lockdown was done horizontally so as not to transfer the climate of Thessaloniki to other cities”. He judged that based on the latest data, it is very difficult to take some measures before December 14.

Nikos Sypsas is also in favor of extending the lockdown until December 21.

The professor of Infectious Diseases, expressing his personal opinion, requested the extension of the lockdown for an additional 2 weeks after December 7, although, as he said, he considers December 14 to be the most ideal end date.
Like Mr. Gogos, Mr. Sypsas stressed that this Christmas we should celebrate “alone, no family around us. We will not have regular celebrations, we do not have the idea that we will have crowds of consumers in the stores “.

The president of the Panhellenic Medical Association and member of the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Health, Athanasios Exadaktylos, has the same opinion, for a lockdown until December 21. Speaking to the Star’s main news bulletin, he said that any discussion about lifting the measures is hasty.

“It would be tragic if we opened early and without making sure our steps. “We will have a relapse of the second wave that will create a situation worse than today,” he said. “It would be safe to proceed with this step when we see that the number of intubated people is in double digits”, continued Mr. Exadaktylos,.

This means that the country will start relaxing the measures from December 21 onwards.

Demosthenes Sarigiannis is also in favor of opening after December 21st . The professor of Health and Environmental Engineering, speaking to SKAI, said that “around December 21st, it is safer to open. A week can make a significant difference. ”

Mr. Sarigiannis even stressed that he is in favor of not opening schools before the holidays. “Schools do not make sense to open on December 14 and close again on December 20. And on December 7 it is too early to open.”

The Director of the ICU at the “Papanikolaou” hospital, Nikolaos Kapravelos , proposes that the lockdown continue at least in Thessaloniki . The situation in Thessaloniki is tragic, as there are no other beds in the intensive care unit. We are experiencing a tragic situation. “We do not have intensive care beds,” he said characteristically.

For his part, the mayor of the city, K. Zervas , defended this view, saying that he is opposed to a quick lifting of the lockdown.

“I think with the epidemiological features at the moment it is difficult to think of removing the lockdown. I will never ask as the mayor of this city to get into any regularity if the health of the residents and the next day of the city are not guaranteed. So any opening concerning retail, the focus will have to do with much better epidemiological features “he said after the meeting with the Prime Minister, emphasizing that he is against the opening of schools before the holidays.

Lockdown: Scenarios for catering, schools, retail in anticipation of Christmas
With the scenario for the continuation of the lockdown after December 7, all the scenarios remain open regarding the opening of schools, catering and retail. The government intends to open schools before the holidays from the beginning and speaking to elementary school students, it announced in advance that this week there will be developments on this issue. According to the information so far, the issue will be discussed next Thursday between the infectious disease specialists and the Ministry of Education.

The prime minister had stressed that schools will be opened first and then retail and catering. Retail will take over after the schools, however, most stores are preparing to work with their e-shops and the click away method as it has not yet “locked” their opening in the holidays.

And for the focus nothing is certain yet. In fact, it is possible that they will not even open for the week of the holidays, as the industry itself seems to agree.

The government, according to information, examine the script can not open the focus namely restaurants, and it is assumed to remain closed bars, clubs and entertainment venues. There are several voices in the catering industry that support this possibility, in fact, due to the restrictions that exist for their opening. MEGA pointed out the position of representatives of the restaurant that they do not want the ” accordion ” solution , ie to open for two weeks and close immediately after.

Coronavirus: The cases have decreased, the number of victims remains large
At the same time the number of cases in the country shows a significant decrease in the last week. Not at the desired level set by experts and the government, however it shows a drop of 20% . In fact, in northern Greece, especially in Thessaloniki, which is at the center of the pandemic, experts expect a significant reduction in cases in the coming days, based on data collected from the city ‘s sewage .

Yesterday, after a long time, Thessaloniki counted fewer cases than Attica (235 vs. 247), out of the 1,193 cases that were identified in total. There was no other region with a three-digit number of cases, with Pieria recording 88 infections, Trikala 45, Serres 49, Larissa 63, Karditsa 44, and Drama 64.

The number of intubations decreased slightly to 603 (from 606 the previous year), while the number of victims was high for another 24 hours, which reached 98, reaching a total of 2,321 since the beginning of their pandemic, while the cases amount to 104.227.

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