Inflatable Boat taking in water off Poros Last Night Rescue

The Port Authority of Kefallinia Port Authority was briefed yesterday evening about the influx of water into the KOZA Inflatable Boat. 367, with two (02) resident occupants, in the marine area of ​​8 p.m. east of Poros Kefallinia.
Immediately to the spot were five (05) SS-EL.AK patrol boats. the “FIOR DI LEVANDE” NP 12207, as well as private boats tracing the “KOZA” semi-submersible. His two (02) passengers were picked up by the Captain Costas SOE. 583 and were safely transported to Poros Kefallinia, while the vessel in question is to be towed by the Eleftherios N.Z. 62, in the port of Zakynthos.
Preliminary investigation is being carried out by the relevant Port Authority, while no incident was reported and no marine pollution was reported.

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